Premium Turf Services


Premium Turf are committed to delivering high quality turf and services to the domestic, commercial and sports markets.

Premium Turf can look after all your requirements from small acreage to whole sports fields.

Premium Turf do not limit the geographical service area, if you need turf, we aim to get it to you, anywhere anytime.  We service the greater Queensland area, and are more than happy to ship interstate where needed.  


Turf Delivery

We can arrange suitable delivery times to suit your needs or it can be picked up on site at the farm. We have a unique pallett less system, where our forklift can place your turf exactly where you require it and not have to remove pallets later on. The turf can be delivered and left on pallets if that is what is required. Our grass is cut fresh only after your order has been confirmed.



Laying Services for Turf

We have a comprehensive laying service if required. This service consists of fertilizing if requested, laying of the turf then going over it with a roller which helps the grass attach itself better to the soil below.



Professional Advice for laying turf

We provide advice on the right type of grass for your situation to general lawn care and we are always happy to assist you with any questions that you may have.


Preparation & Installation

Prep and Installation

Our experienced team can prepare and install any turf job as we work in conjunction with a number of landscapers if you require the complete package from start to finish. We can also arrange for the earthworks eg: delivery of topsoil, clearing the site and installation of irrigation.