wintergreen couch turf


wintergreen couch facts

Wintergreen is widely used as a home lawn and on sportsfields, parks and roadsides. It is a bright green medium to fine leaved Green Couch (slightly finer leaf texture than other green couches).

Wintergreen makes a good playing surface, but requires frequent mowing to reduce thatch build up, to remove development seed heads and to avoid scalping if left too long between mowings.

Wintergreen has a low shade tolerance and enjoys frequent fertilizing and watering to keep its bright green colouring.



    • Shade Tolerance: Up to 30% (however grows best in full sun)
    • Durability: Medium
    • Winter Colour: Good
    • Mowing Frequency: Medium
    • Leaf Size: Very fine
    • Suitable for: Parks, Golf Courses, High profile garden areas

    Project using Wintergreen Couch